“As a West Oakland mom who lost my son and grandson to gun violence, ‘Black Lives Matters’ is not a slogan to me. It’s my life’s calling.”

Lynette has worked hard during her 8 years on city council to bring about real, tangible change to her constituents and the people of Oakland. To her, being a progressive councilmember is more than just catch phrases: it is about partnering with her constituents to identify problems and develop nuanced policies that will make Oakland a place for all of its residents. Just some of her wins for the City are below.

Fought for real racial justice and true police reform

  • Founded the Department of Violence Prevention to create an alternative to over-policing. Without DVP, none of the current changes being made around police reform would be possible.
  • Answered the call to defund police by forming the Reimaging Public Safety Taskforce to begin redirecting 50% of OPD’s budget to support Black and Brown communities. Much of this money will be redirected to DVP.
  • Helped create the Department of Race and Equity to tackle systemic racial disparities in Oakland. 
  • Pushed to create our independent Police Commission to increase oversight of OPD and is fighting to protect our privacy and safety.

Lifted up the most marginalized in our community

  • Built new affordable housing and helped hundreds of low-income and no wealth residents become first-time homeowners or secure permanent affordable rental housing.
  • Helped increase Oakland’s minimum wage to $15/hour.
  • Helped establish the West Oakland Jobs Center to provide opportunity for local youth and other hard-to-employ residents.
  • Secured millions of dollars in funding for homelessness services and helped move hundreds of people from tents to housing.
  • Led the Compassionate Communities program to center the humanity of our homeless constituents and provide needed resources
  • Helped secure $7 million in federal CARES Act funds to provide free internet to low-income public school kids during COVID-19.
  • Fought for development without displacement to ensure that as Oakland grows, we grow responsibly and build more affordable housing to our people.