Editorial: These five could steer Oakland away from financial cliff

Oakland is in serious financial trouble, ill-prepared despite years of economic growth in the city to weather the serious challenges of the coronavirus downturn.

With voting about to begin for a majority of the City Council seats, it’s disheartening that few of the candidates recognize the depth of the problem.

Most are concerned, understandably, about restructuring the police department, helping the homeless and providing affordable housing. They may differ on how to get there, but almost all the candidates are clear that they must somehow.

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Eddie Dillard and Lynette Gibson McElhaney in conversation

by Eddie Dillard Recently, I sat with Lynette Gibson McElhaney, Oakland City Council member, District 3, for a candid conversation. Ed: Thanks, Council Member McElhaney, for the opportunity to share your vision for West Oakland residents as you campaign for a third term as District 3’s City Council representative. Lynette: It’s a funny thing – prior to running in 2012, I did not think about being an elected official. When my pastor and friends encouraged me to run, I was focused on economic growth, responsive and responsible policing, quality education and restoring government trust.

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McElhaney opens up about loss of queer son

Oakland City Councilwoman Lynette McElhaney said people are wrong about her late son, Victor McElhaney.

"The narrative most people believe was that he started drumming when he was 3," Lynette McElhaney told the Bay Area Reporter. "He was drumming as soon as he could sit up. When I asked, at age 1, 'how are you?' He'd say: 'I drum.'"

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Incumbent Lynette Gibson McElhaney Seeks Re-Election for D3 Oakland City Council

With six candidates running to represent District 3 for the Oakland City Council, McElhaney has her work cut out as an incumbent already in her second term. The other five candidates running are Carroll Fife, Seneca Scott, Meron Semedar, Alexus Taylor, and Faye Taylor. District 3 includes West Oakland, Downtown/Uptown, Jack London, Pill Hill/KONO, the Lake and the Port of Oakland.

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Oakland’s Black Cowboy Association Wants You to Fill Out the Census

Along Linden Street in West Oakland, the cowboys caused a flurry of excitement.

Three men on horseback, members of the Oakland Black Cowboy Association, trotted through the neighborhood Wednesday. Children stopped to look while strolling by and grandparents came out taking pictures on their iPads.

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