A Personal Message from Councilmember Lynette McElhaney

Dear Oakland,

As a West Oakland mom who lost both my son and grandson to gun violence, “Black Lives Matter” is not a slogan to me. It’s my life’s calling, the reason I get up every day, rooted in love, working for justice, and fighting for the Soul of the Town. I lead with hope and determination for every neighborhood in our district, from West Oakland to the Lake, from Adams Point to Jack London, from KONO to the Bottoms.

As an independent voice on the Council, I’ve worked with a diverse coalition of residents, faith leaders, educators, workers, entrepreneurs, artists, and activists. I work to bring people together to solve problems. And I’m proud of the hard-fought victories we’ve delivered for our community:

  • Established the Department of Violence Prevention
  • Set up the Department of Race and Equity 
  • Launched the Reimagining Public Safety Taskforce, to shift up to 50% of OPD’s general purpose budget to support Black and Brown communities

I’ve stood up to powerful Interests to protect the most vulnerable in our community. I’m fighting hard every day to secure services and housing for our homeless neighbors, build affordable housing, and to keep coal and pollution out of Oakland. With earned respect from the Hood to City Hall, I’m in the trenches every day putting our community’s needs first. 

Serving you has been an honor and a privilege I do not take for granted. I’ve worked hard to make sure the needs of our district are known and prioritized at City Hall, at the County, Regional, State, and Federal levels. With your vote, I will continue pushing boundaries, building bridges and fighting for the respect and dignity we all deserve.

Ever forward in Love, Service, & Hope, 

Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney

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