Sojourner Truth Tuesdays: Michael Tubbs Endorses!


Today I am honored to announce that our campaign has earned the endorsement of Stockton Mayor Michael D. Tubbs. 

After his cousin Donnell James was killed at a Halloween Party, in 2012 Michael was inspired to run for city council to represent District 6—South Stockton, a community very much like West Oakland, filled with pain, poverty and promise. 

Returning to his hometown to confront the conditions that produce this pain, Michael has turned the pain of loss into an ambitious progressive agenda that has received national recognition. Since taking office, he has secured a $20 million private donation to launch “Stockton Scholars” which will provide up to $4,000 to help students pay for college or trade school for a decade. In addition, Michael lifted up best practices from Oakland and Richmond to establish “Advance Peace” a program that works to reduce gun violence and launched the nation’s first ever municipal level basic income pilot known as the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration or SEED - a model that will soon launch in Oakland.

Grief and trauma are twin companions that are far too familiar in Black communities.  The resurgent exposure of racial injustice has sparked outrage in many; and profound fatigue and depression in others.  The pain of loss - whether personal or communal - is a source of purpose that leads many Black officials to serve.  This is certainly true of Michael and me.

I am truly honored to receive Mayor Tubb’s endorsement and to serve with this incredible leader.  As a regional leader, I am committed to working with the Mayor on our common goals to redress racial inequity, reduce gun violence, eradicate poverty, dismantle unjust policing and to guarantee housing security for all.  The communal and personal losses we’ve endured inform and inspire us to press forward with a fierce sense of urgency to confront anti-Black bias in policy to make our region more just, safe and inclusive. 

I remain, forever, 


Rooted in Love, Committed to Service, Fighting for Justice